Paleo Diet for Athletes

The Paleo diet is a breakthrough in strategic nutritional thinking that has greatly enhanced the possibility of attaining peak athletic performance, weight loss and optimal health by simply reverting to the Paleolithic diet that all humans were designed to eat. There has been a pronounced shift in the nutritional approach adapted by many athletes since the late 1970’s. The pressure to perform and win at all costs has gone haywire and resulted in athletes turning to supplements and other commercial products instead of relying on the natural foods that they traditionally consumed. Their insistence on regular carb-loading with grains and starch has seen athletes gradually modify their diets and consume fewer vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. Carbohydrates are converted to glycogen, which is essential in increasing athletic stamina and endurance, but they hardly contain any other essential nutrients. Over reliance on carbs and man-made supplements can thus hinder an athlete’s ability to recover quickly and compromise their overall health. The Paleo Diet was designed to cater to athletes in particular, but can be adopted to cater to the needs of others. It was created to help athletes reverse their over reliance on natural supplements by reverting to the natural eating habits that were practiced by our ancient forbearers from time immemorial. The Paleo Diet promotes a diet that is higher in protein and fat and lower in carbs, which is the polar opposite of what most athletes focus on nowadays. The biggest contrast may however be in the unique approach the diet takes in suggesting the timing of carbohydrate and protein ingestion relative to exercising and training. The Paleo diet insists that foods should be picked according to its glycemic load, so as to minimize the dietary effects on blood acidity. This diet is primarily intended for enhancing health and sports performance, although weight loss may be a positive side effect. The diet was initially popularized by Dr. Loren Cordain via the publication of her best-selling book The Paleo Diet. Her book introduced the world to an innovative and unique breakthrough, through which anyone could easily lose weight and prevent disease without dieting or exercising. She followed this through in 2005, by collaborating with endurance coach Joe Friel to co-author their next bestseller The Paleo Diet for Athletes. The book was an instant hit which continues to sell well and has led to Paleo-style diets becoming all the rage among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, who have embraced its high protein, low-processed, and no supplement mantra to fuel their training and improve their performance. This book, The Paleo Diet for Athletes has undergone many revisions and updates since its initial publication due to its growing fan base among runners, cyclists, and other serious athletes. The authors overall wellness, performance, strength, and cardiovascular efficiency of the human body can be vastly enhanced by returning to the consumption of the foods that the body was originally designed to ingest. By consuming more proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, and by following specific instructions on what to consume before, during and after a workout or competition as suggested by the Paleo diet, athletes can increase and sustain their performance. They can achieve all this and more while enjoying simple, tasty recipes packed with natural and wholesome ingredients, that are to be found in this one of a kind, revolutionary diet.

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Observing an Autoimmune Paleo Diet

The first time you go paleo it is out of a desire to find out whether your health could improve by changing your eating style. Observing a strict elimination diet is the key to improving your health and can help you diagnose celiac disease. For a person experiencing autoimmune disease symptoms, he should try to change his diet as this may improve the situation. If your symptoms are not eliminated completely even after following the normal paleo diet, you can consider autoimmune paleo diet.

Why follow the Autoimmune Paleo diet?

The autoimmune paleo Practices was derived from scientific research that revealed that autoimmune disease stems is from the body inflammation. Inflammation is normally caused by the basic problem associated with intestinal permeability or leaky gut. When one has a leaky gut, the gut lining irritation causes the tight joints in the intestinal barrier to let unwanted molecules including bacteria, food and toxins into the bloodstream. The autoimmune paleo plan eliminates the molecules that have been proven to cause increased permeability or irritate the gut.

What is an autoimmune Paleo Diet?

It is a version of a paleo diet- no legumes, grains or dairy. It also includes the evasion of the following:

  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Seeds
  • Nighshades- vegetables from plants of solanaceae family and this include peppers, eggplant, white potatoes, tomatoes, paprika, pimentos, curry, red pepper flakes, chilli powder, Tabasco, cayenne pepper etc
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Spices derived from seeds- Annatto, anise, caraway, dill, cumin, celery seed, fennel, poppy, sesame, nutmeg, mustard, fenugreek, and coriander.
  • NSAIDs- ibuprofen and aspirin

Other important things to observe for the diet

Healing from autoimmune ailment does not mean you only avoid certain foods. There other activities and things you should carry out to advance the healing.

Meat quality

The body inflammation is affected by the omega-3 and omega-6 ratio. You should strictly aim for 1:1- 1:3 ratios for you to regulate the body inflammation. Ensure that the meat you take is from pastured, grass-fed or wild sources. Besides, includes a highly nutrient-dense organ meat into your diet occasionally.

Produce quality

Take organic food as much as possible. In case you have little income, focus on buying the following foods in organic state: grapes, apples, celery, cucumber, spinach, cucumber, strawberries and peaches.

Heal and manage your gut

Avoid over-consumption of sugars and starches. You should eat more healing foods such as organ meat, bone broth, coconut oil and oily fish. Besides, eat raw fermented foods including coconut milk kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha – or take a dairy-free pro-biotic.

Take enough Vitamin D

You can achieve this by consuming vitamin D3 supplements and spending more times basking the sun.

Manage stress

You can achieve this by avoiding things that can easily frustrate you as well as trying to see life in a positive way. In addition, incorporate low-level cardio activities like yoga and walking. Take most of your free time relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature. On top of all, get enough sleep of between eight to ten hours each night in a dark room.

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Benefits of A Paleo Diet Lifestyle

Whether or not you know it, a paleo diet is the best for you. There are no pills to be swallowed and there is no need to starve yourself. All you will have to do is eat the diet that was eaten by your ancestors. A paleo diet lifestyle allows you to live on foods that easily convert into energy.

Sample Paleo Grocery Shopping List

The problem with the kind of diet we live on today is that we think that our bodies are the most invincible machines on earth that have the capacity to handle just anything. That is why at least 25% of the world population is suffering from the metabolic syndrome. Many people consume junk foods chasing the fulfilling feeling without understanding just how many hazards they are subjecting their bodies to. As such, most of us are merely surviving and are far from thriving.

This article explores some of benefits a paleo diet lifestyle has on our bodies. To begin with, a paleo diet helps our bodies have healthy cells. Whether or not you know it, every cell in your body has both saturated and unsaturated fats. Our bodies depend on the healthy balance of the two for them to stay healthy.

A paleo diet provides our bodies with a perfect balance between saturated and unsaturated fats. Secondly, a paleo diet lifestyle helps us have a healthy brain. The fats and proteins suggested in the paleo diet come from wild-caught salmon. These proteins and fats are what our bodies naturally need. The salmon oil is full of omega 3 fatty acids that have a myriad of benefits to our bodies. These oils contain DHA which is known to be very crucial for the health of our eyes.

DHA is also good to our heart and brain. Other sources of omega 3 fatty acids are pasture- raised eggs and meat. Another great benefit of a paleo diet is that we are able to get more muscle while decreasing the amount of fat in our bodies. This kind of diet relies so much on animal meat which has a lot of healthy fat. This protein is very anabolic and helps build our cells and muscles.

The larger your muscles, the more efficient your metabolic function. This is because muscles need energy to move and thus the rate of conversion of fat into energy is very fast. As such, your body is going to send more fat to the muscle cells as opposed to the fat cells. By increasing your muscle cells and reducing your fat cells, your body is going to have an increased muscle build-up and reduced triglycerides in your fat cells.

The more muscle you have, the better your metabolism will work, period! This is because muscles require energy to move and in order to move bigger muscles you must store more energy in them! This allows your body to send energy to muscle cells instead of fat cells! By increasing muscle cells and reducing fat cells (through a strict paleo diet) any surplus energy will be sent to glycogen in your muscles and not the triglycerides in your fat cells!

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A Review Of Paleo Diet Cookbooks

Many weight management measures are presented in various communication avenues. Moreover, many recipe books promise the tastiest meals one can imagine. However, the delivery of these promises remains unknown to the targeted group until they experience. Paleo Diet Cookbooks being one in this niche with a unique approach and promise. The book provides recipes that are designed to manage weight and provide a healthy life. It also enables the achievement of these objectives from an easy to read presentation with illustrations.

The Paleo diet presents an eating habit that is derived from the past. The Paleo founder describes the Paleo diet as eating as we used to back in the days. The Paleolithic diet shortened as the Paleo diet represents the older days eating habits in a modern way. It presents the ancient way of cooking to facilitate the users to enjoy the nutritive value and the advantages of eating ancient. This type of Diet Cookbooks also presents nutritive formulas that are free of diseases of affluence. It also enables the user to enjoy meals that are lean in fat content.

Paleo diet requires that you know how to cook. Therefore, if you want to appreciate Paleo diets it is essential that you learn how to cook. The Paleo Cook book provides the necessary skills and procedure for one to be able to cook. The book is deliberately written for people who like good food. The book is designed to enable the reader prepare the intended meal through pictorial illustrations and easy instructions on how to cook.

It is a big book that aims at meeting all the cook requirements of the reader. Equipped with over 300 recipes, meal plans, and a grocery list, It is developed to address all the kitchens and dietary needs of the reader. It is the only cook book that enables one eat pale and enjoy their favorite pale recipes within the covers. The book addresses issues including the importance of eating well for health and well-being and how making something tasty.

It provides hearty feasts and healthy snacks to its beneficiaries. The book provides recipes for breakfast recipes diet friendly recipes healthy food high protein recipes lunch recipes meals and snack protein foods quick and simple recipes recipe weeknight recipes and What to Eat. The meals are developed to manage the weights of the users as it provides them with the tasty meals of their choice.

Critics questioning the Paleo Diet Cookbooks over the accuracy of the science are repelled by the real life experiences mentioned by the users. However, the fact that there are many of these diet cookbooks from many authors cast doubt on the efficiency and ingenuity of the selected them.

Nevertheless, the Paleo Diet Cookbooks basic diet should contain bioactive substances, calcium acid base balance, the right sodium potassium ratio, appropriate fiber content and glycerine load, acceptable essential micro-nutrient density levels and right amounts of macro-nutrient composition. The right combination provides the pursued benefits. There is a lot of information all over the internet about this product and it is therefore very important to have enough knowledge about it in order to make a wise decision.

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The Attraction of the Paleo Zone Diet

The Paleo Diet’™s development was based on thorough research which looked at quantities and types of foods that the hunter-gatherers ate. The goal of this diet is to eat the same sorts of unprocessed foods which are ancestors ate before the Agricultural Revolution. The Zone Diet is a nutritional program made popular by Dr. Barry Sears. It says that there are certain amounts of macro-nutrients which our bodies need for the best performance and health.

The Paleo Zone diet is a combination of the two that restricts the kinds of foods which you can eat to the ones that are eaten in the Paleo diet, while using the ratios which are given in the Zone diet.

A lot of athletes consume Paleo foods while they incorporate some of the Zone diet principles. By eating a ratio of forty percent carbs, thirty percent fat and thirty percent protein, it lets the carbs which are consumed to be put out into the bloodstream at a rate which is much slower. This gives you an energy or fuel source when you need it most. Plus, a lower amount of insulin will be released into your body, meaning that less fat will be stored and an increased amount of body fat will be burned off. The fats and proteins which are consumed are found in healthy oils and lean meats, while you get the carbs mostly from vegetables.

The benefits of the Paleo Zone diet include the fact that the carbs which are allowed have a low rating on the glycemic index. These foods can slowly raise your body’™s insulin levels and blood sugar, instead of making a fast change or increase. Excessive high blood sugar and insulin levels can lead to you developing a group of diseases known as Syndrome X. This is a combination of hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, gout and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, the night levels of protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids which are found in the Paleo Diet can help to avoid Syndrome X disease.

You can easily see why the Paleo Zone diet is attracting more people to it, just due to its health benefits alone. More and more people are turning to healthier lifestyles, and this diet is sure to help many get there.

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Is a Vegan Paleo Diet Possible?

Interest is rising for the vegan paleo diet as more people are learning about this special way of eating. If you don’t know, the paleo diet consists mainly of fish, eat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and roots. However, all legumes, grains, salt, dairy products, refined sugar and processed oils are omitted. It is essentially a form of an Atkins diet with its high protein and low levels of carbs.

Cutting-edge Paleo Recipes

Supporters of this “œcaveman” diet claim that the cavemen didn’™t experience diseases because they ate this type of diet, which therefore suggests that the paleo diet should be followed to reverse and prevent modern day illnesses and diseases. This claim, however, is pretty controversial still among anthropologists and nutritionists, a lot of whom very much disagree.

This is because there is not only inefficient evidence to really determine how cavemen ate, but also because academically it is accepted by many that cavemen didn’™t have disease because of their social structure. Historical data, if anything shows the exact opposite; humans naturally are vegetarian and those who eat vegetarian, Asian or Mediterranean diets have fewer diseases and longer lives.

Can Vegans Truly Follow the Paleo Diet?

It is not surprising that people want to know more about the vegan paleo diet. Normally, since vegans are not allowed to eat animal products of any kind, they will eat a variety of soy products and legumes to get the right amount of protein intake. Some of these soy products, like cheese and milk, function as dairy product substitutes. Other soy products like tofu are meat substitutes.

With a paleo diet, however, it is quite difficult to follow as a vegan because it discourages you eating processed foods and legumes, like the soy milk and tofu, which are usually staples of the vegan diet. To be able to get enough protein, someone on a strict vegan paleo diet would have to eat plenty of nuts and roots plus soy beans on top of substantial amounts of vegetables and fruits. Vegan diets however can follow some of the principles of the paleo diet without cutting soy products and legumes. For instance, they can choose foods mostly that are gathered, but supplement with soy products and legumes to make sure they get the right amount of protein.

While you are on a paleo diet, remember not to drink your calories up from sugary drinks, and avoid vegetable oils like cottonseed, soybean, corn and canola oils which are highly processed in omega 6 fatty acids. Don’™t consume sweeteners or rely on caffeine either so you can stay awake. Eating whole and unprocessed foods is the best way to keep yourself healthy while following this diet.

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Ideas for Diet Snack for Paleo Practitioners

Are you one of those people that sit down to watch a movie and need something to crunch on? Most people are this way. My problem is that if I open that bag of chips I can’™t eat just a few. I will consume the whole bag. Instead of one cookie it’™s more like 5 or 6 or more. Now your insulin is spiking and you are ready for a nap.

It’™s okay to want snacks and they can be good for you just make sure your choices are right. If you are on the Paleo diet then you already know that those chips and cookies should not even be in your house. Your ideal snack would be berries. But you can have dark chocolate, a handful of almonds, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, and hazelnuts. Just keep in mind with your nuts don’t eat too many of them. They are very dense in calories so you have to watch those and not let them sneak up on you. You can make sorbet from the berries.

Listed below are some quick Paleo snacks:

  • Dark Chocolate, Olives
  • Almond Milk
  • Pickled Gherkins
  • Sun/Oven Dried Tomatoes
  • Cold Cuts
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Dried Fruits
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Beef or Turkey Jerky
  • Canned Tuna/Sardines

As you can see that is quite a list and all healthy for you. Now here are some more easy snacks that may take a little more preparation but are still good.

Dates and almond butter, Strawberries with microwave melted dark chocolate, Sun/Oven Dried Tomatoes with Ham, Carrots with Paleo Hummus, Banana with Almond butter, Shrimp with Paleo cocktail sauce, Hard Boiled eggs, Berries with Whipped Coconut Cream, Celery with Almond butter, Fruit Salad in coconut milk, Nuts with dried fruit. Make your own trail mixes.

There are recipes online for protein bars and all kinds of snack bars that you can make. Keep something like this with you all the time so if you need it you will have it. And there are many of the Paleo cook books that have snacks that you can make.

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Healthy Weight Loss For Teenagers

Being a teenager is not an easy time for any kid to go through and when teenagers are faced with a weight issue due to the changes happening in their bodies, this can become even more distressing for a teenager. Sometimes when teenagers gain weight, it has nothing to do with hormonal changes; it could be a poor diet that is contributing. These issues affect both boys and girls, however statistics have shown that the amount of eating disorders in teenagers show that more girls end up struggling with these disorders.

Paleo Recipe - Dream Paleo Smoothie


What is really important when discussing healthy weight loss for teens is that parents and caregivers should focus on maintaining good health, not weight loss. Encouraging your teenager to eat more healthy food and take more exercise is far better than allowing your teen to buy into what is written in the magazines. Even the magazines that promote good health can sometime convince a teenager that they are less of a person if they are over-weight. It is this kind of thinking that starts eating disorders.

Losing too much weight over a short time frame is not healthy and as tempting as it might be for your teen to try and fast-track this process so as to fit in with the “œin crowd” at school; parents should discourage this. Talk to your teen about healthy foods without focusing on dieting as such. Set an example to your teenager by eating healthy foods yourself.

Extreme and fad diets that involve cutting out carbohydrates or fat or even fasting are dangerous as a teenager is still growing and developing until he or she is nineteen or twenty years old, so if your teenager is definite about wanting to start a healthy eating plan and do some exercise, then you need to support that.

Start insisting that the entire family eat better foods and try to encourage getting out together for some exercise. You may want to start going swimming at an indoor pool once a week. Swimming is great for losing those unwanted pounds and good for your heart too. Encouraging healthy weight loss for your teen is important, especially if you are seeing signs that being overweight is affecting your teenager’s self-esteem.

While the skinny teenagers might be the most popular with the elite groups at school, tell your teenager that skinny does not necessarily mean healthy. Explain to your teen why is it important to eat the right food and educate them on eating disorders. If you do feel that you have an issue with your teenager in terms of their body image, perhaps a referral to a dietitian might be in order. A dietitian will have plenty of advice to give about healthy weight loss for your teen. Dietitians can assist you and your teen to plan weekly menus and recommend foods that are acceptable to your teen while also supporting weight loss.

The best thing a parent can do is reinforce how much they love their child and that they will support them to eat a healthier diet plus get some exercise. Once your teen sees the pounds disappearing, this will give them the confidence to keep eating right and exercising.

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Health Benefits of the Paleo Mediterranean Diet

Many people have taken interest in how to eat a Paleo Mediterranean diet, combining two popular ways of eating. The basics of the Paleo diet are based upon eating foods off the land such as the ancestral gathers and hunters did from the Paleolithic period. Before advances in technology, industrialization and packaging foods, people fished in clean waters, hunted free range game and gathered up crops from land free of pesticides.

Paleo Diet on the Go Secrets

Copying this type of diet nowadays is not as hard as you might think, and you won’€™t have to farm in your back yard or hunt wild game. Basically, you need a foundation of vegetables and fruits, while incorporating lean proteins from fish and poultry, and fats from seeds, nuts or grass-fed meats. Grains are not, however, emphasized in this way of eating.

The Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet is followed after the cooking styles and eating habits of people who live in the countries which border the Mediterranean Sea, like Italy and Greece. It focuses on your daily servings of vegetables, fruits and grains more than anything else. Eating fish a minimum of twice a week, plus eating moderate amounts of poultry and dairy are also part of this diet. You can eat lean meats, but the less you eat is better.

Benefits of Combining the Two

A study done in 2009 on participants who were diabetic showed that the Paleo diet improved their blood sugar control and also reduced their risk for cardiovascular disorders, when compared to eating just a diabetic diet. Plus, a 2008 study of participants who were not diabetic with a Mediterranean style diet had a thirty-five percent reduction in their risk for getting diabetes because of the changes made to their eating patterns.

The main thing about the Paleo Mediterranean diet is that its limits foods with refined sugars and saturated fats, while increasing the amount of raw produce that is consumed to promote normal digestion and arterial health. This diet offers benefits for management or prevention of disorders that are glucose-related, cardiovascular health, and is a means for eating foods that might protect you against some forms of cancer. When you choose the right nutritional plan based upon recommendations from your physician and your status of health currently, you will have a great diet that will keep you healthy and feeling great.

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Benefits of Paleo Diet Bread

People are trying new diets every day just as much as people are quitting their diets every day. It can be extremely difficult to find a diet that works for you and stick with it. Most diets people pick are ones that severely limit the food that they normally eat on a daily basis. When they are depriving themselves completely of the foods they enjoy, then they will likely give up on their diet because it is too difficult. Other diets are just not healthy for you. The paleo diet is the best nutritional diet that anyone can try because it will keep you healthy and give you the nutrients you need to stay energized and strong.

Caveman Dieting Can Be Fun

With the paleo diet increasing in popularity because of its healthy attributes, more people are beginning to do their own research to see if the plan fits their style. One of the most difficult things to give up on most diets is bread. People eat bread in some form just about every day, which makes it the most difficult food to give up completely. The good thing about going on the paleo diet is that you don’t have to give up bread, because there are plenty of paleo diet bread recipes that taste great.

One of the great things about paleo bread is that it will fit into any other type of diets that people try. The difference in paleo bread versus other types of bread is the lack of grains. Many people have the misconception that whole grains are good for you. The reality is, they actually aren’t. Paleo diet bread eliminates the grains, which makes it healthy while still tasting great.

Grains have carbohydrates that have empty calories, which means that they don’t have many nutritional benefits, but still have plenty of calories. If you are going to be eating a bunch of calories anyway, it would be better to fill yourself with calories that at least give you the nutritional benefits that you need to stay healthy.

So whether you want to try the paleo diet to eat healthier or to lose some weight, you won’t have to sacrifice good tasting bread by doing it. Eating a grain-free diet will help you feel better and more easily shed unwanted pounds rather than eating a diet that has a lot of grains. The paleo diet bread doesn’t have any grains so eating that as a substitute for your normal daily bread intake will leave you feeling more energetic and keeping your body functioning to the best of its ability.

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